Monthly Archives: January 2015

Homelessness Among other things, Mental Illness in America

Mental illness. To some such a condition is taboo, and for others, widely misunderstood. Mental illness affects nearly 26.2% of the American population, or about 57.7 million people. Of those that are homeless, mentally ill individuals constitute approximately one fifth of the homeless population. This trend of mentally ill individuals ending up on the streets began […]

I Am Not a Feminist

Feminism is defined by the dictionary as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. The problem is, I don’t label myself as a feminist. I understand that without the feminist movement, millions of women around the world would not have been provided the rights they have today, […]

Guantanamo Needs to Go. Now

With the recent and continuous exposure of the torture that goes on at places such as Guantanamo Bay, the reasons to shut down the facility seem to pile up. Guantanamo Bay, or gitmo, opened up as a coaling station in 1903, and since then has transformed into a naval base/detention center utilized by American forces. […]

Unfinished Projects

With every new opportunity to start something new, I often find myself leaving behind some of the projects I’ve already begun. Unfinished projects, you could say. It isn’t because I have given up any hope of finishing them, I often times come back months later to finish something as simple as a drawing. It’s the […]

What Solidarity is this?

What solidarity? When it comes to The standards you Would happily maintain To keep yourselves In the position Of power Above all the rest You pretend to protect With the evergrowing Restriction and resistence To the voice of the people. What solidarity? When you did not Condemn The murders of innocents In places you Dumped […]

Four Year Corporations, but What to Do?

Yes, corporations these are. When all of the test prep material is under the monopoly of College Board, and my life is supposedly based off of a college degree, I start to wonder whether a university is really an institute to help me get ahead in life, or just a cleverly disguised ploy to put […]

A Few Thoughts on the Paris Shooting

Regarding what happened in Paris with the shooting of those working at Charlie Hebdo along with other victims, I believe that we need to look past the background of the attackers and instead regard these difficult times with patience. I strongly condemn acts of violence and hate/racism of any kind, and I urge others to […]