A Few Thoughts on the Paris Shooting

Regarding what happened in Paris with the shooting of those working at Charlie Hebdo along with other victims, I believe that we need to look past the background of the attackers and instead regard these difficult times with patience. I strongly condemn acts of violence and hate/racism of any kind, and I urge others to instead look to peaceful resolutions to the rifts seperating us different groups of people.

Let me first make it absolutely clear that as your average ordinary Muslim, it is not my fault, and I have no obligation to apologize for three individuals. When blame is pinned on an entire religion, race, or community, it becomes totally unfair to the majority of the people blamed (and believe me, we get sick and tired of apologizing for all the things you blame us for). Islam is not about violence, and despite the motives of the shooting, neither the shooting nor the racism of that magazine was justified.

What I would also like to point out is that the racism and intolerance of other faiths and peoples featured in Charlie Hebdo was not justified either. Here we see two extremes when it comes to tolerating the views of others.

Something that really irks me is that in the end this becomes an issue of intolerance and the abuse of free speech. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you can slander their beliefs or even go out and kill them. It doesn’t mean that you can use your power of speech to incite violence and hatred.

The whole notion that you can pack on the double standards and target those who happen to be of the same background is beyond ridiculous. Never once have I ever seen a white man of the Christian faith be labeled as an extremist but rather a troubled lone wolf (I apologize if anyone takes offence to that) which apparently doesn’t place the blame on every white person on earth. On the other hand if someone who says they are Muslim goes on to commit a horrendous crime somehow my religion is responsible for what they did against its teachings (ahem ISIS does NOT follow Islam either).

It’s great that there’s people out there that can distinguish all the inconsistencies when it comes to what a group of people is all about, and how we should see them as fellow humans. What isn’t as great is when we shame innocent people for the crimes of few, and even worse is when intolerance causes the deaths of so many.

Paris I am in solidarity with you for what happened, and the deaths of those  that were targeted are not justifiable. Although if I must add Paris, I cannot stand to say that I am Charlie Hebdo, because if intolerance and hate is something that they too incite, then Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie Hebdo.

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