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Let’s Distance Ourselves From the Idea that Mental Illness is to Blame

What some coin as an epidemic, shootings in America have gone unaddressed for far too long. The victims of the Parkland, Florida are just one more addition to an ever-growing list of people affected by mass shootings. While there’s many reasons as to why this was allowed to happen, I want to focus on the […]

Just Another Rant on the School Paper

As with any journalist, there comes a time, or rather a story that really pushes one to question whether or not they will succumb to pressure in order to keep the administration happy. Whether they will push themselves hard enough to get the story out and to where the voice of the people is heard. […]


Censorship exists in many forms, one of which happens to be self-censorship, or reviewing ones self for objectionable or unacceptable material and suppressing it, which in turn is worse than censorship by others. What we artists, writers and average citizens tend to do quite often is self-censor, for fear of being censored or ostracized by […]

The “Talk”

Oh you know, just another minority family having that “talk” about discrimination.

The Plight of Migrant Workers in the UAE

When you think of the charm of the UAE, have you ever considered the people who made it this way? Migrant workers make up a huge percent of the population, but don’t receive half the benefits.

Yes, the World Still Needs Art

Does the world need art?… Yes, of course. The primary focus of this piece was purely visual art. For a broader focus check out my other art post.

Freedom of Thought

Sometimes I’m not Allowed to say what Is not accepted Even though my freedom Of speech is hypocritically Guaranteed under a document A bunch of old guys Signed long ago And so people Who spread their Strides across an already Thin boundary a bit Too far, the line is Inevitably crossed and They are inevitably […]