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A Bittersweet Goodbye to the Newsroom

Three days ago, I sat in the newsroom for my last late day and turned in the final issue of the school paper for printing. After two years working with the school paper, I can definitely say I’ve learned many valuable skills I’m going to take with me long after my trivial high school experience […]

Just Another Rant on Journalism

After spending a week at a lovely journalism summer camp, I can surely say that hardcore journalism is no easy task. In fact, it’s monumental. Writing a real news story requires more work than I’ve ever put into writing a story for my school paper, and the interviewees ranged from homeless persons to county supervisors […]

Just Another Rant on the School Paper

As with any journalist, there comes a time, or rather a story that really pushes one to question whether or not they will succumb to pressure in order to keep the administration happy. Whether they will push themselves hard enough to get the story out and to where the voice of the people is heard. […]

The School Paper: We Have Issues

Throughout the year, I have learned quite a bit about what it means to be a journalist, if only just a student for the school paper as of now. It went from simply learning the basics of things like “what is news?” to how one must interview someone for a story, or how to get […]

Just Some Thoughts on Journalism Class

Before I started taking Journalism as one of my elective courses, I felt like it would be a fun class to take, and maybe I would be able to pursue a career in something related in the future. I never expected it to take so much time to get a hang of the basics though. One […]