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Let’s Distance Ourselves From the Idea that Mental Illness is to Blame

What some coin as an epidemic, shootings in America have gone unaddressed for far too long. The victims of the Parkland, Florida are just one more addition to an ever-growing list of people affected by mass shootings. While there’s many reasons as to why this was allowed to happen, I want to focus on the […]

Today in World News

The earth shakes And shatters in both Pakistan and Afghanistan While a blast goes off In Saudi Arab while the Saudis are making the Sky fall down on Yemen And the crazies in Charge of the nonexistent Yet still persistent state Of Israel have decided to Blame all their problems On some Mufti because Uncle […]

Happy ‘Murica Day

Let us rejoice on this Day meant to distract Us from the problems Under our skin left To crawl through every Crack and crevice until This unseen tension Breaks every thing down And we are left in pools Of blood left by the slave Rebellion now slaves of Every color of skin Controlled Consistent And […]

Why the Double Standards, Son?

Why the double Standards, son? While your a lone wolf Am I nothing but a terrorist Your condemnations are Heard loud and clear but When I open my mouth To say “This is not me!” I am shut up and cast aside To propagate an agenda Meant to kill innocent people And innocent lands All […]

This is not War

Worlds apart yet so close One is throwing bombs and The other’s throwing stones While one is swimming in oil The other in their own blood Children are screaming Mothers and fathers hold Them tight while the Chokehold on the nation is Even tighter Bombs bursting in the Still air of night This is not […]


Censorship exists in many forms, one of which happens to be self-censorship, or reviewing ones self for objectionable or unacceptable material and suppressing it, which in turn is worse than censorship by others. What we artists, writers and average citizens tend to do quite often is self-censor, for fear of being censored or ostracized by […]

The “Talk”

Oh you know, just another minority family having that “talk” about discrimination.