Monthly Archives: October 2014

Thanks for the Invite

Thanks for the invite, Thanks for telling me ahead of time, Thanks for asking how I felt, In fact I feel completely fine You don’t seem to understand, That I notice the widening rift, Where I thought there was friendship, Loneliness is my only gift And of course I didn’t understand, Why I couldn’t have […]

You Don’t Even Know Me

You don’t even know me, and the place of my birth, the rich valleys, the beautiful mountains, touching the sky. You choose not to see the breathtaking scenery, the bright colored culture of these people so misunderstood. You fail to see the beauty in the endless desert sun the oasis of a date palm or […]

Just A Little Rant About Writing

Why does one write, when they’re itching to put thoughts onto paper, but don’t quite know the reason why, or the words that best express what they want to convey? When I first started writing, little tidbits here and there, I never thought I would turn to it to express how I felt, or to […]


There’s a monster hiding behind your desk, Watching your every movement, Looking over your shoulder, Above your head, Watch as you slowly lose it There’s monsters in every corner, Prowling on the streets, Ready to grab unsuspecting victims, Chained in fears and insecurities, These victims can’t be freed Oh yes there’s monsters in uniform, Hiding […]


My body becomes A mode of transportation Somehow still Swinging my arms And letting my legs Rotate rotate rotate Until everything goes numb I let my mind drift Drift drift away And my body keep Its systematic rhythm While all the other senses Seem to fall asleep Its the runners high Its the burning of […]