Monthly Archives: December 2014

Reflecting on Another Year Come to Pass

This year has been filled with its ups and downs, twists and turns and through all of the things that have happened, I can say I learned a bit more about this crazy world we live in. I realize that with every year comes wisdom, heartbreak and the notion that next year will be filled […]

What a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Ah yes, 2014, a time where we as Americans, as a civilization of human beings can be thankful for all the great advancements. Wrong What we’ve advanced in technologically or even in terms of engineering, physical feats and other various portions of everyday life, somehow we haven’t gotten past the barbarism that’s plagued us for […]

How Did You Know?

As a young person still a bit lost as to what I’m going to do and what I want to be, my question to all of those that know where they’re headed and those who are already doing what they’ve decided on; How did you know? What led you to choose the path that you […]

Embrace the Weird

For some of us, we don’t really quite fit anywhere. I’ve been told that something about me is a bit…different, and to be honest, I don’t see that as a bad thing. Over the course of my slow yet steady metamorphosis into the hopefully wonderful butterfly I will become, I see that being labeled as […]

Just Some Thoughts on the Turmoil Back Home

Many of you have probably heard of the tragedy that happened earlier this week in my home country Pakistan. 132 school children of various ages were murdered by 7 radicalized militants ¬†who some believe attacked out of retaliation for the government killing militants in Northern Waziristan To me I’m simply in shock that only 7 […]


Lately with the protests nationwide, and even internationally, I am still disappointed to see that my peers simply don’t care. I can’t say I’m surprised however, because I continue to receive questions on what Ferguson is, as well as dialogue from more ignorant people stating that the race problems are blown out of proportion, and […]

Everything is not Lost

Not everything is broken And not every piece is lost Im sorry I haven’t Seen the signs, The telltale scars of a struggle in between Im sorry I havent read between the lines Blurred by my own troubles Im sorry that You felt this way my dear, Im sorry I couldnt hold you Im sorry […]