What Solidarity is this?

What solidarity?
When it comes to
The standards you
Would happily maintain
To keep yourselves
In the position
Of power

Above all the rest
You pretend to protect
With the evergrowing
Restriction and resistence

To the voice of the people.

What solidarity?
When you did not
The murders of innocents
In places you
Dumped your robots
In camoflauge

That destroyed people
With rich histories
And livelihoods
And flourishing

What solidarity?
When you left the
Men and women
That supported your
Unrighteous agendas
In the name of freedom
And left them traumatized
Missing arms and
Missing legs
Missing the sanity
That they once had?
On the streets and in
The cities
With no place to go?

What solidarity?
When you took your
Toys and
Played a little game
Of lets bomb all
The innocent girls and boys
In places that didn’t conform
To your hunt for
Resources in the name
Of democracy and
Self preservation?

What solidarity?
When you let your citizens
Die on the streets
Left to soak up their own
Blood and
Pick up their own dead bodies?

What solidarity
What solidarity
What solidarity is this?

When you stand with
The perpetrators
Instead of with
The innocent?

When you
Stand in solidarity
With those that abuse
Their power and their
Against the
Victim-shamed masses
That are told they have been
But instead have been wronged
Justice having been

What solidarity is this?


  1. Some of you may recognize this. I wanted to let this stand alone here instead of reblogging this from my other blog


  2. Reblogged this on cliffochomo.


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