Monthly Archives: September 2014

Just Another Thought

We all have those friends we used to see all the time, the ones we share unforgettable moments with, and the ones that somehow make us smile even when all seems lost. It’s really great until you realize that they too have to move on and grow up like those before us. I didn’t really […]


Ah yes the familiar scribble On that crisp clean sheet Of white lined paper Some words here and there A speck of dust And some thoughts Noisily jotted down Into fine print. Some say tis a work of art Speaking without really saying Anything. Anything my heart desires Anything that my mind seems to run […]

What’s With All the Hate?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Recently it’s been in the news that buses in New York City will be running anti-Islam ads that are sponsored by one of the most bigoted groups known to man, the […]

Doesn’t Everyone Read the News?

It still amazes me to this day how my peers can be so utterly oblivious to the world falling apart around them. Some of them have never even heard of what happened in Gaza, let alone tell me in which region of the world it’s in, and some of them have no clue as to […]

Just Some Thoughts on the Impending Police State

By now all of us are familiar with the various events that have happened and are currently still happening in Ferguson, Missouri. The very fact that police officers are not to be trusted is a scary thought, especially for all the youth out there that was taught to ask police officers for help. I haven’t […]

Just Some Thoughts on Journalism Class

Before I started taking Journalism as one of my elective courses, I felt like it would be a fun class to take, and maybe I would be able to pursue a career in something related in the future. I never expected it to take so much time to get a hang of the basics though. One […]


Oh yes this cycle has me spinning, My being ripped up to shreds, This stress has got me under pressure, Messing with my head It’s this endless cycle of run and run, Don’t stop until you’re dying, Because if you slow or if you stop, Then you’re not really trying Keep up the sleepless working […]