Monthly Archives: November 2014

Ferguson, in Our Hearts

Protests from coast to coast Where’s the justice when we need it most? Where’s the fruits of our labor, Our heartbroken prayers? The people are shouting “We are Mike Brown!” They’ve been holding steadfast, Their spirits high somehow The verdict was The killer not be charged, What was fueled was the anger, The killer at […]

Just A Rant on How the American Justice System Failed Us Tonight

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere” -Martin Luther King Jr. November 24, 2014 Tonight the American justice system has failed us. People of color, whites, the old, the young, man and woman, we have been betrayed. We have been ignored, our cries for dignity, justice, respect and equality downright ignored. Muted out into […]

Forget (The Wash Cycle)

Forget everything That ever came your way Erase all of the memories On memory lane Don’t look back To all the troubles And all the lack Of peace Breaking into pieces For us to keep And in our hearts Wash away the coffee stains And all the soap scum From one too many washes Washing […]