Unfinished Projects

With every new opportunity to start something new, I often find myself leaving behind some of the projects I’ve already begun. Unfinished projects, you could say.

It isn’t because I have given up any hope of finishing them, I often times come back months later to finish something as simple as a drawing. It’s the fact that perhaps it’s the thought of missing something new and exciting that breaks one away from something they have already started; but never quite finished.

Sometimes I look back at the drawings or writings or projects I have yet to finish and I almost forget why I even began them in the first place. Ideas and visions that came at the spur of the moment, but never quite sparked a lasting flame.

In a way, life too is an unfinished project. Although it is not something we choose to create for someone else to marvel at, it takes all our years, energy and determination to finish to the best of our abilities. It is also the one thing that truly has a finish, regardless of all the things we begin and never touch again. A collection of projects and pieces meant to make up something greater.

So with all the unfinished projects lining my busy desk, I see it isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Maybe there is something I have yet to finish when the time comes. Nonetheless, even my life is still a work in progress, and I’m sure the end result will be something worth waiting for.


  1. “life too is an unfinished project”

    I love this idea. Life is a project we spend our whole lives working on

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    1. Its a positive way of looking at things 🙂 This is a weird question but are you Canadian?


      1. Whats it like in Canada?


      2. Cold right now 😉 But in all seriousness, I love living in Canada, but over the last 30-plus years we have suffered from the same problem that all countries in the west have suffered, and that’s a hard turn to the political right. Neo-conservatism is the guiding ideology.

        Corporate interests dominate and the public is suffering. Our quality of life, is deteriorating as cut backs to social programs and austerity measures have taken their toll. Meanwhile, successive governments having been handing out tax breaks and subsidies to the financial elite.

        Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a borderline fascist who doesn’t care at about what’s best for the Canadian people. He is nothing but a pawn for the oil and banking industries. Fortunately it’s an election year.

        I do hope one day that we the people manage to change our broken and corrupted system

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      3. To be honest with you I wasn’t expecting such a thorough answer 🙂 Canada in terms of the political aspect doesn’t seem that much different from the US.

        I think that with every government there does seem to come a specific agenda being fulfilled while in office, but agreeably corporations have indeed ruined the livelihoods of the common man, and the governments in place only facilitate this.

        Unfortunately for us, we still have another year before elections, and with the Republicans holding a large number of seats in Congress, women’s and minority’s rights are projected to spiral downward.

        Yes, there is alot of crazy jazz that isn’t the best for either Canada or the US, and hopefully our governing bodies can get their shit together and actually help the people that elected them.

        As always its nice to hear from you 🙂

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      4. One big problem both our countries face in our next elections, we want our current leaders gone, but there’s no one to replace them with.

        Here, the “Liberal” Party has a chance at replacing the Conservatives, and although they will be more sympathetic to social issues, they are still ultimately guided by the same corporate interests.

        There will be no change in our quality or life, in that it will continue to deteriorate.

        I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to wake up, maybe the inevitable crash when it finally hits, but hopefully one day soon everyone will realize that it’s time for some serious change

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      5. While that’s true, what I’m afraid of is that change will not come in time to stop something catastrophic from happening, like another big war. We’re already inching closer to this kind of outcome with the way we’re handling things in the international sphere.

        What we need more than anything is the public to set aside the prejudice that has been used to play against one group against another, and to actually take action against unjust rule of goverment.

        Oftentimes we do notice the problems plaguing us, but our inaction renders us useless. I hope too that one day we wake up but from the way things look I’m not so sure.


      6. Some days I’m convinced we’re headed for certain destruction, other days I believe we’ll change things before we do destroy ourselves.

        But the only way we can change things if the vast majority start working together. If we could manage that, we really could change the world

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