Today in World News

The earth shakes
And shatters in both
Pakistan and Afghanistan
While a blast goes off
In Saudi Arab while the
Saudis are making the
Sky fall down on Yemen

And the crazies in
Charge of the nonexistent
Yet still persistent state
Of Israel have decided to
Blame all their problems
On some Mufti because
Uncle Bibi said it was so

But at the same time
I think I just might move
To Canada because for
Once we’ve got a nice guy
In office for something
While back here in the US
I hope we dont give in to
This idiocy that plagues us

So with a heavy heart
And an even heavier bag
On my shoulders filled
With everything I need to
Help me get into a four
Year corporation just so
I can graduate and work
At yet another

I wonder

What the point of
Living in such an existence
Is when people are afraid
You’ll run off to fight in a
War you didn’t start to bomb
These people you don’t
Necessarily like and
Come home to a possible
Interrogation with “enhanced”
Tor-interrogation techniques

Or even one in which you
Remain a slave to this
Consumerist paradise
Living off the backs of
Asians in some far off
Country the clothing supplier
Decided to outsource all
The damn jobs to

Sweating in a sweatshop
In tropical heat but then again
Why worry when you type
Out all your first world problems
On your iPhone 666s with a
Mocha latte in hand complaining
About how your Amazon order
Didn’t arrive on time for
The birthday party of a person
You could care less about but
Want to impress but

Did I mention the government
And its imperial scum is wiping
The floor with innocent blood
You yell murder and rape
And no one listens because
We’re too busy crying and now
Im tearing up wondering

What the hell Im doing
Sitting here and writing this
When I know I will do anything
To shut out the pain even if
It means watching Spongebob
And eating chocolate cereal
Asking my mom to change
The channel to the news so
I can start this dreaded process
Once more

The world is going to hell

And Im afraid we might
As well be going with it.


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