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Yes, the World Still Needs Art

Does the world need art?… Yes, of course. The primary focus of this piece was purely visual art. For a broader focus check out my other art post.


Freedom of Thought

Sometimes I’m not Allowed to say what Is not accepted Even though my freedom Of speech is hypocritically Guaranteed under a document A bunch of old guys Signed long ago And so people Who spread their Strides across an already Thin boundary a bit Too far, the line is Inevitably crossed and They are inevitably […]

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

With the chaos that has ensued since the world started taking a turn for the worst, it’s important to remember that without unity, there is no way for anything to get better. Opposing groups call for everything from intolerance to even violence against those they disagree with. People that disregard human life shed blood without […]

Because All Lives Matter, Right?

Does my blood And my sweat And my tears Not amount to Anything to you? Is the sacrifice My people have Made as a “Model Minority” Not enough to Satisfy your Unjust and Outdated Privilege? Am I just a scapegoat For the problems that You started for Yourselves Killing men Women and children In cold […]

Muslim Lives Matter

Thoughts on Chapel Hill and being a Muslim American

The School Paper: We Have Issues

Throughout the year, I have learned quite a bit about what it means to be a journalist, if only just a student for the school paper as of now. It went from simply learning the basics of things like “what is news?” to how one must interview someone for a story, or how to get […]