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Let’s Distance Ourselves From the Idea that Mental Illness is to Blame

What some coin as an epidemic, shootings in America have gone unaddressed for far too long. The victims of the Parkland, Florida are just one more addition to an ever-growing list of people affected by mass shootings. While there’s many reasons as to why this was allowed to happen, I want to focus on the […]

A Bittersweet Goodbye to the Newsroom

Three days ago, I sat in the newsroom for my last late day and turned in the final issue of the school paper for printing. After two years working with the school paper, I can definitely say I’ve learned many valuable skills I’m going to take with me long after my trivial high school experience […]

I Want to Get Better

Life doesn’t stop when you’re at your highest points. It doesn’t suspend itself in time when you think everything is going perfectly–it hits a point where the function curves downward and the slope becomes negative. It hits a point where you feel like ripping your hair out at three in the morning because you’ve woken […]

Just Another Rant on Journalism

After spending a week at a lovely journalism summer camp, I can surely say that hardcore journalism is no easy task. In fact, it’s monumental. Writing a real news story requires more work than I’ve ever put into writing a story for my school paper, and the interviewees ranged from homeless persons to county supervisors […]

Happy ‘Murica Day

Let us rejoice on this Day meant to distract Us from the problems Under our skin left To crawl through every Crack and crevice until This unseen tension Breaks every thing down And we are left in pools Of blood left by the slave Rebellion now slaves of Every color of skin Controlled Consistent And […]

Just Another Rant on the School Paper

As with any journalist, there comes a time, or rather a story that really pushes one to question whether or not they will succumb to pressure in order to keep the administration happy. Whether they will push themselves hard enough to get the story out and to where the voice of the people is heard. […]

Why the Double Standards, Son?

Why the double Standards, son? While your a lone wolf Am I nothing but a terrorist Your condemnations are Heard loud and clear but When I open my mouth To say “This is not me!” I am shut up and cast aside To propagate an agenda Meant to kill innocent people And innocent lands All […]