Just A Little Rant About Writing

Why does one write, when they’re itching to put thoughts onto paper, but don’t quite know the reason why, or the words that best express what they want to convey?

When I first started writing, little tidbits here and there, I never thought I would turn to it to express how I felt, or to use it to let others hear my voice without actually hearing it. I didn’t truly understand the joys of writing because my main focus was always on drawing out whatever I felt. I see now that writing is just a different way of expressing the same things.

From the time I began to take writing seriously, I see that it’s become somewhat of a funnel from my mind to the audience that actually reads my work. It’s become an addictive process where the thoughts I wish to convey can better be placed into words for others to understand, to be exposed to a different point of view.

Writing itself is a bit strange too. To the illiterate eye, it’s just a weird, uniform tangle of characters that are strung together to form a complete thought. A mess of letters that are supposed to have meaning. To some it’s the very thought of having to put one’s feelings into words that makes them shy away from trying to write, due to a lack of words or otherwise.

Oftentimes we as writers can understand the feeling one gets when their work is read and enjoyed, analyzed, and understood. The feeling of accomplishing a small feat in adding to the perspectives ready to explore at the tips of our fingers, written by someone who understands our craft. Sometimes it’s just funny to see someone else overthink the little things we attached no meaning to (in poetry especially).

To get to the jist of what I wish to convey to you, my readers, is that writing is something that we as a community of writers and readers can truly understand and acknowledge as an aspect of expression too often underappreciated and ignored. We give our hearts and minds to a craft that allows us to create something fantastic from something so simple like a word.

We give our emotions and frustrations and our hopes and dreams and everything under the sun a voice. That is why we itch to jot down fleeting thoughts onto paper, to write down a collection of words for others to read, because for us this is our outlet, our funnel from the depths of minds, to the audiences eyes.

Share your opinion! I'd like to hear what you think :)

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