There’s a monster hiding behind your desk,
Watching your every movement,
Looking over your shoulder,
Above your head,
Watch as you slowly lose it

There’s monsters in every corner,
Prowling on the streets,
Ready to grab unsuspecting victims,

Chained in fears and insecurities,
These victims can’t be freed

Oh yes there’s monsters in uniform,
Hiding their second faces,
Meant to serve and protect the people,
These monsters are in all places

And there’s gruesome ghoulish creatures too,
In business suits and attire,
They’ll suck you dry of your wealth and blood,
And there’s even some for hire,

And monsters in places of power,
Keeping the sheeple in place,
The monsters know what scares us most,
They’ll eat us up,
And spit us out,
And they won’t leave a single trace

Yes there’s horrible creatures
Hurting the people,
Preying on us every minute,
Our understanding of just what makes them tick,
Is relatively finite,

We just can’t tell the difference,
From the monsters and the men,
Maybe the real monsters in the world,
Are just ordinary humans

Turned into monsters by this system,
Pushing us to survive,
By transforming into the beasts inside,
Just to live our restless, soulless, fearful lives

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