Freedom of Thought

Sometimes I’m not
Allowed to say what
Is not accepted
Even though my freedom
Of speech is hypocritically
Guaranteed under a document
A bunch of old guys
Signed long ago

And so people
Who spread their
Strides across an already
Thin boundary a bit
Too far, the line is
Inevitably crossed and
They are inevitably

And my freedom to
Do as I please is
Restricted to what
The admin says is
Allowed, you know
Our supreme overlord
Of a government?

Oh yeah,
And did I mention
Even carrying a
Gun around and
Exercising my second
Amendment has become
A crime because of
The color of my skin
And my faith?

What about
The new bills our
Honorable government
Passed that allowed
Them to hold people like me


Without trial
No treason
No evidence
No reason

And with the amalgam
Of restrictions they
Have yet to enforce
What do I have left?

But of course,
I can think whatever
I please whenever
And however I please
Because this is the
One place the restrictions
Cannot possibly be…

Oh wait,
Here comes the thought police

I had this on my poetry blog before “Blue Suede Shoes,” so don’t be surprised if you think you’re seeing this twice.

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