Why the double Standards, son? While your a lone wolf Am I nothing but a terrorist Your condemnations are Heard loud and clear but When I open my mouth To say “This is not me!” I am shut up and cast aside To propagate an agenda Meant to kill innocent people And innocent lands All […]

Worlds apart yet so close One is throwing bombs and The other’s throwing stones While one is swimming in oil The other in their own blood Children are screaming Mothers and fathers hold Them tight while the Chokehold on the nation is Even tighter Bombs bursting in the Still air of night This is not […]

Censorship exists in many forms, one of which happens to be self-censorship, or reviewing ones self for objectionable or unacceptable material and suppressing it, which in turn is worse than censorship by others. What we artists, writers and average citizens tend to do quite often is self-censor, for fear of being censored or ostracized by […]

This is a response to the situation in Yemen

After cranking out a few articles I’m genuinely proud of, I can honestly say I have hit the metaphoric “writer’s block,” that feeling of being completely drained of ideas. And well, stuck basically. The number of unfinished posts I have yet to complete and check and double check have begun to pile up, and it […]

Oh you know, just another minority family having that “talk” about discrimination.

When you think of the charm of the UAE, have you ever considered the people who made it this way? Migrant workers make up a huge percent of the population, but don’t receive half the benefits.