Writer’s Block

After cranking out a few articles I’m genuinely proud of, I can honestly say I have hit the metaphoric “writer’s block,” that feeling of being completely drained of ideas. And well, stuck basically. The number of unfinished posts I have yet to complete and check and double check have begun to pile up, and it has become a bit discouraging.

The ideas that I wish to write about seem to dry up as I go about writing them, and I feel like at some point I’m going to have to think long and hard about continuing. To me writing is just another voice for me to utilize in spreading my ideas. Telling others what is important to me. Bringing awareness to certain issues I feel affect me and my world.

When that voice seems to be at a standstill, no matter how temporary, every day spent contemplating on what to add or what to write next is wasted. Every word left to be written is gone in a fleeting moment, lost because I couldn’t find it in time to write it down.

I suppose I have enough inspiration and energy to write this post here, but at some point this will surely come to pass. Writing will always be an integral part of how I interact with this world, but for now I suppose this writer’s block has me in somewhat of a tight spot. Until I find the next wonderful perspective to write about, this has been said with an eye onย writer’s block -_-


  1. Some people write for only to say something. Some people write for to change to the world. Some people write for to feel. My humble opinion ars, you are one of them, who write for to feel.
    Feeling of them, it can be difficult in some circumstances; the things to deal with in own life constantly, dozens of information from around the world. These can reveal the necessity of putting forward of their own private lives. In such cases, what they see around is “emptiness”. Because, they would not feel anything.
    It would be difficult to catch anything to excite emotions, among the dozens of things flying around.
    Time and read the book, (but not containing information books; these maybe novels or stories) both allows to feel again.

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  2. Take Migo’s advice to heart, the wise extra-terrestrial that he is, he is offering true words of wisdom. Writing for some people can be a very emotional process. Sometimes it leaves you drained and feeling like you have nothing left to say. The best thing to do is not to stress over it and not to try and force the issue. Relax with a good novel, one that reminds you why you love to write. This something I have done over the years and it works.

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    1. Thanks for always reading my stuff and giving good advice NFR ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Wise extra-terrestrial!:) I am not on that level my friend:)

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    1. That was good advice Migo! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. WD is jealous right now. Because You know as, it is the wise, intelligence and handsome one. And I first time announced, WD means “wise dog”. Yes, WD did a lot of pressure to explain this:)

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  4. Writing should never feel like a job. (Ok maybe when you have a job in writing it should feel a little bit like a job.) But when you write for yourself and to get your voice out there it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take a break! Relax! Inspiration will come to you and you will want to write again. You’ll always have a reader in me.

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    1. Thanks Dom ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel you and a couple of other people on here have become a great network of support for my writing! I suppose for now I’ll stick to being a reader

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      1. Hey i’d call ya a friend too!

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  5. just a thought – have you ever read “The Artist’s Way” a book/course by Julie Cameron. It has exercises and good vibes to help you keep a positive outlook. I haven’t looked at it for a long time now but I always recommend it to people, it helped me.

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    1. No I haven’t, thank you for the suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

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