Because All Lives Matter, Right?

Does my blood
And my sweat
And my tears
Not amount to
Anything to you?

Is the sacrifice
My people have
Made as a
“Model Minority”
Not enough to
Satisfy your
Unjust and

Am I just a scapegoat
For the problems that
You started for
Killing men
Women and children
In cold blood
Like it was savages
You were destroying
Do you wonder
Why your problems
Never cease to end
While you dig a
Hole for yourself
On every corner
Of the “others”
Land and the

When more of us
Have been killed
Than the likes
Of you and your
Conspiracies and
Theories with
The utmost of
Conviction that
Your way is
Always right

And that my
People have not
Been wronged but
Simply wrong
This entire time
To believe that
We had a right
To be accepted
As an equal

For being born into
This race
Into this faith
Into this miserable
Place we
Long to call
Our homes,
Now knowing any
Other quite as close

Born into
“Dont say this
Dont act like that
Make sure to show
Them that youre
Just. Like. Them”

Born into
“Dont be out so
Late and dont
Forget that you
Dont belong
In this place.
But most
Importantly, never
Be alone.”

Because your blood
Your sweat
Your tears
Dreams and hopes
Mean nothing

In a world
That will shed your
Blood like its
Water and
Smear your name
Like its mud
Because nothing
Ever mattered

Not even us.

Dont tell me all lives matter until they actually do. Im tired of screaming at a world that shuts their ears to my apologies and condemnations. I dont owe the world anything. And neither should anyone else.


  1. Very powerful. After reading the news yesterday about the three people murdered in cold blood over a “parking spot”, the effects of the more than a decade long fear/hate mongering campaign are becoming impossible to ignore.

    Western governments and media have deliberately vilified and dehumanized Muslims in order to provide a justification for their brutally violent, illegal imperialistic wars overseas. Now no one cares if an entire neighbourhood is bombed by the Israeli government, or if America kills a few thousand innocent people while targeting a handful of individuals with their drones or even if the west decides to invade a country and overthrow its government because it was not willing to bow to western imperialism. No one cares about the millions of dead, injured and displaced Muslim people.

    Despite the lip-service we hear from the government, Muslim lives do not matter, and that’s the way the government wants it. They need an enemy overseas to justify their wars and domestically to justify turning our country into police states.

    I cannot imagine what it must be like for Muslims who are being unjustly persecuted for the crimes of our governments, who ultimately are the real terrorists, sowing death, destruction and despair around the world and at home.

    I hope one day the west finds a way to make amends to Muslim people around the world.

    Also, I was trying to respond to your comment on the article about the beating of that grandfather by the police, but I think I somehow managed to erase it. I can’t find it now. Sorry about that.

    That is also a shocking story. It seems we, as ‘civilized’ human beings are actually regressing. The fact is that these crimes by the police would not be happening without the support and endorsement of the government. Every time the officers walk away free and unpunished, that is the government’s way of officially condoning such actions.

    You really have to wonder how much more it’s going to take to wake people up to what’s becoming of our world

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    1. This is absolutely true, and we cannot continue to tolerate the fear on both sides. Each side is afraid of the other, that the “other” will hurt them.

      What we need is to preach tolerance and love. We cannot let our youth give into their insecurities and target a group that is already being scapegoated for society’s problems. It isn’t fair, and in terms of privilege, it sends the message that hurting a minority group is ok as long as you aren’t affected.

      My parents fear for me and my siblings because we all come with our own setbacks in this world. At some point wven the youngest of us kids has experienced backlash for being Muslim, and being so young its difficult for them to understand “why do these people hate me?”

      Thank goodness where I’m from isn’t as bad as other places in America, beimg diverse here, but when we go on vacation or travel to not so nice places, the bigotry and ignorance is rampant.

      If we let this continue, I wouldn’t be surprised of infighting between different communities broke out. Not only would it be easier to control the masses then, but too much innocent blood would be shed.

      We don’t need anymore hate in a hateful and cruel world. We need peace and respect for our differences

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      1. You always hear about the fear black parents have for their children, but I imagine it must now be the same for Muslim parents. It’s a terrible way for anyone to have to live.

        I hope we can one day live in a society with the values you mentioned. A society that aspires for equality and tolerance. It would be a much safer and far more productive society.

        But hate and fear are the tools those in power use to control us and to stay in power. By keeping us divided and afraid of one another, they prevent us from uniting against them.

        But we don’t have live like this, and one day people will wake up to the lies we are being told

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  3. Beautiful. Your title sums it up perfectly. Very well-written and gets the point across wonderfully. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, please participate.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate it

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