Reflecting on Another Year Come to Pass

This year has been filled with its ups and downs, twists and turns and through all of the things that have happened, I can say I learned a bit more about this crazy world we live in.

I realize that with every year comes wisdom, heartbreak and the notion that next year will be filled with different surprises, but the hope of a new start brings hopes and opportunities yet to be experienced. I can’t say that 2015 will be any better or worse than now, but with the things I have to look forward to, the future is what I make of it.

With every passing age, I see that my understanding of the events that interconnect and shape our world also shape my future, and the insight I gain with my experiences, mistakes and observations add to my journey on the planet I have come to love. 17 years ago I made my entrance and I hope that perhaps I can finally make an impact. That maybe I can begin to sculpt the world that has shaped and made its mark on me.

This year brought to light many of the major issues plaguing humanity as well. Many of them tying back to politics and the way one group interacts with another, regardless of the justification they may provide for their actions.

I saw how Israel could blatantly disregard innocent human lives, and the rest of the world could keep quiet and follow suit. I saw how the US could do the same, but to citizens on our own streets, our neighbourhoods looking like a scene from Egyptian protests or even Palestinian ones in the West Bank, what with all the tear gas and rubber bullets.

I saw the humanity in us as well. I saw how through every disaster there have been those willing to put themselves on the line to help others. I saw how people could rise up and tell their governments it was time for change. I saw how we as a community would be willing to sacrifice our man power and resources to make sure another group of people could make it out alive.

This year has been one for maturing and setting my priorities straight. It has most definitely been an opportunity to try new things and explore my options. As with every year, there are regrets, but I can say that there weren’t half as many this time around.

My hopes and expectations for this coming year are high. I don’t know what it holds, but I really do wish for the best.

So to all my fellow citizens of this fair planet, I wish for you all the happiness and wisdom and success the next year holds, because a new beginning means a brighter start for all of us.

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