What a Wonderful Time to be Alive

Ah yes, 2014, a time where we as Americans, as a civilization of human beings can be thankful for all the great advancements. Wrong

What we’ve advanced in technologically or even in terms of engineering, physical feats and other various portions of everyday life, somehow we haven’t gotten past the barbarism that’s plagued us for ages. We haven’t gotten past the same attitudes and mentalities that have ruined relations between different groups.

I feel that despite the great achievements we’ve seen this year, we go two to three if not more steps backwards with other things going on.

For example, we might have made great strides in reforming the justice system since say 1950, but how does that justify the killings of innocent men and women of color without indicting the officers who killed them? What about the various laws being made to curtail women’s rights and rights of minority groups?

We supposedly allow greater freedoms of speech, while subsequently using surveillance to use that right against citizens. We have double standards for these freedoms too. Being a Muslim, I can’t say alot of things while my more “acceptable” counterparts can say most of whatever they want. The same can be said when we criminalize journalists for reporting things we don’t want them to expose-not just in America but everywhere?

We pride ourselves in spreading “democracy” to countries we feel need “freedom” because they have oil. All while hiding the shameful fact that we torture people who may otherwise be innocent for false counter terrorism operations, along with killing innocent children in drone strikes all over the Middle East and in places like Pakistan.

We turn a blind eye to the appalling slaughter of innocents all in the name of corporate greed. How many companies pulled out of cooperation with Israel when the government indiscriminately killed thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza? How about the blind eye to the continuous slaughter and genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar? Is it because they can’t buy their “freedom” without oil? Why haven’t we rethought our investment in the companies that make the drones that kill entire families and destroy schools on a daily basis?

We give ourselves a false sense of security time and time again. Giving out a Nobel prize doesn’t save a country’s children from slaughter. Thinking that by going into another war will stop a growing group of terrorist is wrong. It is these actions that make their numbers grow.

How about criminalizing the homeless, all while we make conditions for those in this condition all the more worse? Our governments are brushing them under the rug when they make laws to keep them out of sight, and out of mind. We cannot even feed them anymore.

We put so many people in jail when the real criminals are running for office. We tear families apart and we break the backs of honest people to save the status quo.

And all the while these things are happening, we distract ourselves with little things like what a popstar was wearing at a certain awards show, or how scandalous a certain celebrity has been. It’s so much easier to just tune out of what’s really going on and pretend that everything is ok. That everything is fine when protests have been going on day after day to challenge the issues our society has.

What I’m trying to say is, the world is a fine mess, and the leaps and bounds we make towards a brighter future are clouded by the attitudes and the hypocrisies of our governments, and the people that both openly and latentley support them. We don’t focus on what the real problems are, and this scares me because I must take this future along with my peers and fix the damn mess.

What a fine time to be alive everyone, what a fine time.

Edit: I’m not saying that everything our government is doing wrong, it’s just we tend to make mistakes that have terrible results at times. It’s the whole attitude of the people as well which is dividing us as Americans and citizens of the world. We have a lot of work to do but that doesn’t mean that we’re doing everything wrong, and I apologize for making it seem so.

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  1. true…lots of work to do.


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