Embrace the Weird

For some of us, we don’t really quite fit anywhere.

I’ve been told that something about me is a bit…different, and to be honest, I don’t see that as a bad thing.

Over the course of my slow yet steady metamorphosis into the hopefully wonderful butterfly I will become, I see that being labeled as different or even a little weird isn’t something to be ashamed of.

I find that the more I embrace the weird, I find beauty in the strange things that others shy away from, I can accept my own skin and the colors I’ve painted myself with. When one takes their time to find beauty in things that strike one as obscure, it becomes evident that there’s an entire world that is hiding under our noses.

Things like strange sounds may mean something different to others, but to me it’s comforting. Things that may cast terrifying and strange shadows may scare any average person, but how can one fail to see the beautiful darkness in this strange world. Every unexplored nook and cranny of the things we turn away from.

This world is not simply left for us to cower and hide from the peculiar things that make us step out of our comfort zones. It is more than that. We should go out and venture the unknown, the things that truly make this place more bearable, more exquisite in its singularity.

The unexplored sunsets, only seen from an angle that we dare not touch. The exhilarating sense of exploration and accomplishment when finding our way through the dead of night and into the weird. The new and wonderful people we miss out on, who have been ostracized and mislabeled. Things we label as weird. Things we’re missing out on

With the acceptance of what surrounds us, it becomes easier to accept and celebrate what’s inside of us. Every time I find beauty in yet another unconventional place, in a peculiar sound or in a seemingly unsettling space, I feel more comfortable in my “different” skin. I feel like every part of me I hate somehow has its own beauty, and I feel. Happy.

I’m embracing the weird and seeing how much it has to offer.

I just wish others could see the same.

Share your opinion! I'd like to hear what you think :)

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