Just Some Thoughts on the Turmoil Back Home

Many of you have probably heard of the tragedy that happened earlier this week in my home country Pakistan. 132 school children of various ages were murdered by 7 radicalized militants  who some believe attacked out of retaliation for the government killing militants in Northern Waziristan

To me I’m simply in shock that only 7 people could cause so much bloodshed, and to innocent children at that! I am utterly disgusted by this deplorable behaviour, and I feel like if only action was taken sooner, the death toll would not have been so high. I know that perhaps it’s not my place to point out what could have or could not have happened, but to anyone hearing about the victims, I feel that many of those deaths could have been prevented.

One of the most disturbing pieces of information I have heard is about the children being forced to watch a teacher burned alive. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotional and psychological trauma let alone shock these innocent children are feeling at the moment.

These murders were so atrocious in fact, that even the Afghani Taliban condemned the attack on innocent children. If the Taliban thinks you’re being too extreme, that’s a sign that maybe you screwed up.

The one thing that really breaks my heart is that this isn’t going to get any in depth media attention in America. What with Ferguson protests going on and ISIL in the Middle East. Regardless, it still won’t be that important to America because frankly, brown lives don’t matter as much. Sandy Hook was on the air for weeks and I don’t recall any news outlets covering this tragedy like they covered an American school shooting.

In the end I suppose not everyone is goig to care, but at the same time, with my exposure to this event-that surely will go down in history-has brought a few things to my attention.

It made me reconsider how I look at my privilege, for I must worry about making it out of finals with a passing grade, and not people ready to kill me and my fellow students because my parents are in the army killing these militants. I realized that my parents at least have the knowledge that I can come home safely to them every evening, and that they don’t risk my safety in any way.

Thinking about all the little kids made me think about my cousins and nieces and nephews and most importantly my younger siblings. I can imagine feeling completely helpless when I can’t protect everyone, and how incredibly traumatizing it would be to have to experience such a horrible event.

I wish I could find it in myself to shed a tear for my brothers and sisters in Pakistan who experience this on a daily basis, the constant fear and uncertainty, but hasn’t my nation shed enough tears-and blood?

Despite what happened with the killing of 132 too many innocent children, I have high hopes for my country. I may not be there to facilitate any active change but I still have my prayers. I still have my voice and I still have my sympathies.

If there is one thing I can surely say is that with misery and the constant struggle plaguing my home right now, an equally if not brighter future hopefully awaits these steadfast people.

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  1. *I just found out, apparently Google has placed a candle on its homepage to honor the victims of the shooting

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