Lately with the protests nationwide, and even internationally, I am still disappointed to see that my peers simply don’t care. I can’t say I’m surprised however, because I continue to receive questions on what Ferguson is, as well as dialogue from more ignorant people stating that the race problems are blown out of proportion, and shockingly, that Mike Brown deserved to die.

An announcement reader at my school was actually fired from her job after she commented on the injustice of the non-indictment of the police officer who killed Eric Garner, and the officer who shot Michael Brown. It sickens me to think that maybe the administration doesn’t want us to know or care about issues like this, and I began to reconsider the fact that my peers are ignorant. Maybe they don’t choose to be. Maybe it’s the conservative teachers that complained to administration, that are partially responsible for suppressing this. Maybe it’s ignorant parents. Maybe it is us.

Alas, my world in this little corn field has not been shaken up or torn by the tragedies that plague colored Americans daily. Despite having a fairly diverse population, we as a community have failed to realize that outside of our little bubble, the world is indeed a cruel place. The taste of discrimination I have had does not even begin to compare to what I’ll experience in practical life. Discrimination that some people face every day of their life from their first moment, to their last.

In other words, my community is in a state of hibernation. Asleep. Not yet worn-out or weary from the problems that plague communities that lack our diversity. I can’t say for sure if anyone will wake up to the fact that there is issues. There is only a handful of people that care, or care enough to figure out that there is an elephant in the room.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just easier this way, but not necessarily right for a community that should support a fair change. There’s no protests eating up our funds, just bad representatives and city council members. There isn’t police violence plaguing our streets, only the occasional drunk driver that ends up taking an innocent life. So in a way, we justify our lack of knowledge and action on the fact that it just doesn’t affect us.

Ah, my dear little corn field, why do you sleep so soundly? What will it take to shake you awake and make you stand up for change? When will you see that it’s not just their problem, whoever they may be.

Soon it’ll be ours too, when the protests in Berkeley, LA, San Jose and Oakland spill out and over into our streets, and our schools. When we start shedding blood and understand that maybe we should have stood up for justice earlier.

Little corn field, please wake up.


  1. You write so well, ‘a fist in a velvet glove’. keep going

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate the encouragement


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