Everything is not Lost

Not everything is broken
And not every piece is lost

Im sorry I haven’t
Seen the signs,
The telltale scars of a struggle in between
Im sorry I havent read between the lines
Blurred by my own troubles

Im sorry that
You felt this way my dear,
Im sorry I couldnt hold you
Im sorry it had to be this way

When you,
Who seemed so strong when I needed you,
Needs me and all the others
She carries on her shoulders to carry her too.

My dear all is indeed not lost
Surely you see this I know,
My dear once youve broken down
Take the mosaic pieces
Put them together and let your rebuilt heart regrow

As beautiful as ever

Dedicated to a friend who needs some support right now. My dear I am sorry, I wish for you all the best 🙂

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