Ferguson, in Our Hearts

Protests from coast to coast
Where’s the justice when we need it most?
Where’s the fruits of our labor,
Our heartbroken prayers?

The people are shouting
“We are Mike Brown!”
They’ve been holding steadfast,
Their spirits high somehow

The verdict was
The killer not be charged,
What was fueled was the anger,
The killer at large

Brothers and sisters
Hand in hand,
Ride out this disaster
On this broken land

That once stood for freedom,
In a time of despair,
Now filled with victims,
Some don’t seem to care,
Some oblivious,
Others distressed,
Nonetheless, outright oppressed

Protests from coast to coast,
Home to the opposers
And oppressors alike,
What our justice system has failed to do,
Is provide justice for Mike

For you we pray, for you we fear,
Your cause we hold in hearts,
Your hopes we hold dear.

People of Ferguson, people of the world, oppressed but not forgotten, we stand with you. We see your struggle, you’re in our prayers, and the hopes we have that one day things will get better is not too far away. See this as a chance to see just how flawed our justice system is, how flawed our society is. Take it as a chance to prove to the world that change must happen, before nobody is left to stand up for even the basic of dignities.

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