Forget (The Wash Cycle)

Forget everything
That ever came your way
Erase all of the memories
On memory lane

Don’t look back
To all the troubles
And all the lack

Of peace
Breaking into pieces
For us to keep

And in our hearts
Wash away the coffee stains
And all the soap scum
From one too many washes
Washing away

Fading, faded away
Like all the colors.

So just pluck
Out the stitches
Piercing your tender
And broken, broken skin

Because time
Will make them disappear;
The scars that line you with
Memories burned in so deep

And in your mind
You’ll let the cycle start again

The wash will begin,
And maybe someday you’ll forget,
And all that will be left
Will be your empty hollow chest

So close your eyes
Open up your wounds,
You can’t forget
What’s still inside of you

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