Oh yes this cycle has me spinning,
My being ripped up to shreds,
This stress has got me under pressure,
Messing with my head

It’s this endless cycle of run and run,
Don’t stop until you’re dying,
Because if you slow or if you stop,
Then you’re not really trying

Keep up the sleepless working nights,
The papers, the work, the mess,
Make sure you’re anxieties keep you awake,
Make sure you’re up from the stress

Because this world is going faster,
Than our legs can run,
Our minds full speed ahead,
A chugging train squeezed of ideas,
We’ll work until we’re dead.

Alas this four year training camp,
Turns into a four year corporation,
Where we work and land our corporate jobs,
Don’t count on a vacation.

This endless cycle is just an endless mess,
Where has the dream gone awry?
Where the children are worked to their solemn distress,
And their dreams are left to die.

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